Frequently Asked Questions

Guacle is a social and analytical platform for cnft space that focuses on uniting everyone including developers, investors and influencers. Socials and Analytics are two main scopes of guacle.

For the social part, we designed the guacle as follows:

- Developers can submit their projects to appear in the “Projects” section. In this section each project has a chance to tell about their projects.

- Users can rate nft projects by grading them based on multiple criterias along with their personal thoughts. These ratings then appear under the related projects’ pages so that ratings, thoughts and developer statements can be combined together in an organized way. User ratings can also be monitored through the “Feed” as well if they are being followed by other users.

- Since ratings and thoughts can not be a measure of success, there is an additional feature which is called “collect” to provide an opportunity for becoming a potential influencer. By collecting a project, a user basically takes a position in favour of the project’s floor price. If the floor price goes up the user’s PNL goes up, if the floor price goes down the user’s PNL goes down. This is not a real buy action, no money is being spent here. This is to identify and reward people if they do judge a project successfully. “Leaderboard” page is the section where users can be monitored in a sorted way based on their PNL.

- We wanted to design the general flow in a structural way to reduce the information pollution. Having said that, we didn’t skip providing a more liberated space and created a “Forum” to share ideas and everything in general.

For the analytical part, there will be a dashboard as a source for data-driven decision making in the cnft space.

- Regardless of your role in the cnft space, it is inevitable that instructive data is essential to maximize your potential.

- With data visualizations from marketplaces, social media and blockchain, you will make use of the dashboard to understand the metrics about market, projects and wallets, thereby you will be able to make more informed decisions.

- More details are coming soon on that.

Since we believe that more user activity will increase the value of social part of guacle, we wanted to keep that part free to use. For the analytical part, there will be premium & elite tiers. Premium tier will be subscription based and there will be monthly & annually payment plans for it. Elite tier will be available to those who hold guac cards only.

Guac card will be providing access to more sophisticated insights and benefits than premium membership. They will be released as a cnft collection and users that hold guac cards will be enjoying elite tier of analytics without making any extra payment.

guacle is developed by Avocado Breakfast Club team. Avocado Breakfast Club is a CNFT collection that is randomly generated from over possible 70 traits. ABC Holders have a certain amount of chance to be drawn and get a profit share (25% in total) from guacle based on their tiers. Also, ABC Holders will benefit from analytical tool with discounted fees. Last but not least, ABC Holders will get free airdrops from guac card collection.

We love cardano community and wanted to initiate our journey in cardano space. However, we aim to expand the scope of guacle with NFT projects from multiple blockchains in the future.

Users can rate a project based on seven different categories along with their thoughts. Each rating contributes to the overall rating of a project which can be seen on projects page. These overall ratings will be useful on reviewing a project at a single glance. A user can rate a project more than once but they still have only one window of rating about a project. In case of new rating process for the same project, older rating windows are being stored as versions under the same window. This is to reserve equal spots for everyone and to have a nice and clean flow under a project page without losing any historical data.

Collecting is basically taking a position in favour of the project’s floor price. Users can use collecting feature anytime they want under the condition that they rate the project at least one time before collecting it.

PNL stands for Profit and Loss.

When a user collect a project, PNL for that project is being calculated based on the floor price performance. As long as the users keep the project, it is affecting their unrealized PNL and if they drop it, it turns into realized PNL. Total PNL(Realized PNL + Unrealized PNL) is what we considered as the performance metric to not to force long term holders to drop sooner. Either they are short term or long term players they can play their game without any compromise. Based on Total PNL, users are being sorted on “Leaderboard” page.

Twitter and Discord are great platforms for building nft communities but they have some inadequacies since they weren’t set up for this specific area. With guacle one can easily review a project at a single glance, a true influencer will shine thanks to measurable way of collecting and investors will be able to see who are succeeding, hereby they can make more reasonable investments.

Users can monitor and manage their collections using collections tab at their profile page. Both adding and dropping actions can be managed for all of their collections.

Top profiles who excel in CNFTs based on their Total PNLs will have the chance to be seen by other users on multiple pages and this will lead the way for being a potential influencer and possible collaborations. Their posts on forum will also be valuable and be shared as a showcase in both feed and forum pages. Thus, true champions will be catching the eyes. On top of that, we will be giving gifts to be used on analytics to the leaders where they can further improve themselves and their followers.

You can buy CNFTs at the secondary market:,